The Floods (2010/11)

Heavy monsoon rains have triggered the worst floods since 1929 in Pakistan killing more than 1600 people and forcing more than 20 million to flee from their homes

Many days of torrential rain caused rivers to burst their banks in several places and unleashed widespread destruction in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, destroying houses, bridges, schools, roads and railway tracks.


Amongst the worst hit areas were the Nowshera Charsadda and Swat regions. However the devastation has now spread the length and breadth of the country with much of the population without food, shelter or clean water in what is confirmed as 'the Worst Disaster in Pakistan's history'.

Islamic Relief has launched an emergency £2 million appeal and has already begun the distribution of tents, blankets and hygiene kits, as well as initiating the set up of water filtration systems.

Please support the Emergency Appeal for Pakistan's Flood Victims

£20 will buy a family hygiene kit

£40 will buy a food pack for a family

£150 will buy a family tent

Very substantial humanitarian assistance will be required to ensure victims get food, clean water, emergency shelter, medical care and other support.

Please offer your support to this noble cause by attending our future events or by donating directly to Islamic Relief, a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, on 0800 520 0000 or 020 7593 3232.

For further information on sending Relief Goods direct to Pakistan from the UK please read the following article on